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R helical geared motors


R helical geared motors

The following types of helical-bevel motor can be supplied:
R..D..  Foot-mounted helical geared motor
RF..D..  Flange-mounted helical geared motor
R.F D..  Foot and Flange-mounted helical gearedmotor
RM..D.  Flange-mounted helical geared motor withextended bearing housing
RX..D..  Single-stage Foot-mounted helicalgeared motor
RXF..   DSingle-stage Flange-mounted helicalgeared motor

Gear unit size
R17  R27  R37  R47  R57  R67  R77  R87  R97  R107  R137  R147  R167
RS17  RS27  RS37  RS47  RS57  RS67  RS77  RS87  RS97  RS107  RS137  RS147  RS167
RFS17  RFS27  RFS37  RFS47  RFS57  RFS67  RFS77  RFS87  RFS97  RFS107  RFS137  RFS147  RFS167
RF17  RF27  RF37  RF47  RF57  RF67  RF77  RF87  RF97  RF107  RF137  RF147  RF167
RX37  RX57  RX67  RX77  RX87  RX97  RX107  RX127  RX157
RXF37  RXF57  RXF67  RXF77  RXF87  RXF97  RXF107  RXF127  RXF157
RXS37  RXS57  RXS67  RXS77  RXS87  RXS97  RXS107  RXS127  RXS157
RXFS37  RXFS57  RXFS67  RXFS77  RXFS87  RXFS97  RXFS107  RXFS127  RXFS157




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