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K helical-bevelgear motor


K helical-bevelgear motor
The following types of helical-bevel geared motor can be supplied.
K.D  Foot-mounted helical-bevel geared motor
KA..B D..   Foot-mounted helical-bevelgeared motor with hollow shaft.
KV..B D..   Foot-mounted helical-bevelgeared motor with  hollow shaft and splined hollow shaft to DIN 5480 
KH..B D..   Foot-mounted helical-bevelgeared motor  with hollow shaft and shrink disk.
KF..D..     Helical-bevelgeared motorin B5 flange-mounted version
KAF..D..   Helical-bevelgeared motor in B5flange-mounted  version with hollow shaft.
KVF..D..  Helical-bevelgeared motorin B5 flange-mounted version with hollow shaft and splined hollow shaft to DIN 5480.

Gear unit size
K37  K47  K57  K67  K77  K87  K97  K107  K127  K157  K167  K187
KA37  KA47  KA57  KA67  KA77  KA87  KA97  KA107  KA127  KA157  KA167  KA187
KF37  KF47  KF57  KF67  KF77  KF87  KF97  KF107  KF127  KF157  KF167  KF187
KAF37  KAF47  KAF57  KAF67  KAF77  KAF87  KAF97  KAF107  KAF127  KAF157  KAF167  KAF187
KAZ37  KAZ47  KAZ57  KAZ67  KAZ77  KAZ87  KAZ97  KAZ107  KAZ127  KAZ157  KAZ167  KAZ187
KAT37  KAT47  KAT57  KAT67  KAT77  KAT87  KAT97  KAT107  KAT127  KAT157  KAT167  KAT187
KAB37  KAB47  KAB57  KAB67  KAB77  KAB87  KAB97  KAB107  KAB127  KAB157  KAB167  KAB187




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